Solar Energy For All Living Things

Every day, the sun radiates (sends out) an enormous amount of energy—called solar energy. It radiates more energy in...

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Countries With Low Dependence On Fossil Fuels

Several developing countries, such as Bolivia, Mozambique, and Vietnam, produce fossil fuels, but at volumes that mean they are...

Countries With High Dependence On Fossil Fuels

There are some countries that have both a higher dependence on fossil fuel production and relatively low capacity for...

Solar Electricity & Solar Energy

Solar energy can also be used to produce solar electricity. Two ways to make electricity from solar energy are photovoltaics and solar thermal systems. Photovoltaic...

Solar Lighting Advantages & Cons

Solar power (used for solar lighting) is considered to be the most efficient and renewable source of energy used today. With the development of...

Photovoltaic Basics Solar Cells

What do we mean by Photovoltaic or PV? First used in about 1890, the word has two parts: photo, derived from the Greek word for...

Emergency Solar Power

Why Emergency Solar Power? When disaster strikes, electric power is usually the first critically important service to be lost. And the effects can be devastating....

Types of Solar Panels and Inverters

Types of Solar Panels Crystalline Silicon Rigid panels comprised of silicon cells sandwiched between protective glass sheets are the dominant solar technology on the market. They...

Wind Turbines Technology Power

Wind turbines technology has developed rapidly in recent years and Europe is at the hub of this high tech industry. Wind turbines are becoming...

Solar System Placement Decision

A well-designed solar electric system has clear and unobstructed access to the sun for most of the day throughout the year. Siting a PV...

PV Array Mounting Methods

PV arrays can be mounted on the ground, rooftops and other structures that provide adequate protection, support and solar access. The site conditions usually...




The United States uses and produces many different types and sources of energy, which can be grouped into general categories such as primary and secondary, renewable and nonrenewable, and fossil fuels.

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